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Need a Static IP Address in Germany ?

Create an easy to remember static IP .io address like that maps to a dynamic IP address.

When your dynamic IP address changes, your static IP .io address remains fixed.

If you want to create a FREE one page website check out as well.

It's like a virtual static IP address.

With a static IP .io address never loose your connection again.

IP Cameras

Monitor your home or business IP cameras with a static ip .io address.

Raspberry PI

Remote-access your raspberry pi or any IOT device.

SSH Secure Shell

SSH into your raspberry pi, linux device, router from anywhere in the world.


Use VNC to remote control your computer.


Perfect for when you need a static IP address to remote access your computer

Home Webserver

Run a webserver from home with a static ip .io address.


Update your IP address, with the DDNS update client, or easy to use API.

Managed DNS

We can manage your domains with our DDNS.

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Convert your dynamic IP address to a static ip .io address.

Remote access your device from anywhere

Connect to your PC, IP Camera or any other IoT device with a fixed ip address.

Dynamic to static IP .io addresses.

We monitor your dynamic IP address for changes so your static IP .io address will always be fixed to your current IP address.

Save Money

No need to pay your Internet Service Provider extra each month for a static IP address.