Convert a dynamic IP address to a static IP address

Can I convert a dynamic IP address to a static IP address

The short answer is no. A static IP address is a fixed ip address that is assigned to you from your internet service provider and will never change.

A dynamic ip address, is an ip address that is assigned from a limited pool of available IP addresses and can and will change.

Typically an internet service providers, will “lease” you a static IP address at an addional monthly cost.

One of the many reasons, people opt for a static ip address is that they want remote-access to their computer, webcam, security camera, or any other IoT device and they need to know their IP address to get in.

If they have a dynamic IP address, there is a chance their IP address will have changed, rendering them locked out.

To work around to this problem, you utilize the services of a dynamic domain name system ( DDNS ) like

How it works is this. You create a domain name like which points to your dynamic IP address. A small app runs on your computer and detects IP address changes. When your IP address changes ,it updates your staticipio address to point to your new IP address. This all works seamlessly as if you have a static IP address.

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