How to view your webcamera with a dynamic IP address using DDNS

So you have a webcamera with a dynamic IP address and you want to view it.

The two choices you have are either to get a static IP address, which will cost you extra from your ISP or use a Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS).

The reason you would want to use a DDNS is that with a dynamic IP address they can and will change and leave you unable to remote-access view camera.

When your dynamic IP address changes you are left unable to view your web camera as you don’t know the new dyanmic IP address.

This is where a DDNS comes into play. A DDNS is a dynamic domain name system and it maps a domain name like to your dynamic IP address.

When your IP adrress changes, a small program, a DNS update client, will updates your name to point to the new IP address. so you can remote your webcama with