What is a DDNS

What is DDNS

DDNS stands for Dynamic Domain Name System. A Typical DNS ( Domain Name System ) is used to resolve IP addresses into domain names. Computers and other internet devices use IP addresses to name and identfy themselves.

Human beings on the other hand like to label things with meaningful names. Think how difficult it would be if you had to remember instead of google.com each time you wanted to google something or try to recall every IP address for every website that you would like to visit. It would be an impossible feat.

You simple type google.com into a browser and a DNS resolves the name into googles IP address and your browser is directed to googles servers.

A DDNS acts in the same way as DNS with one addition. You can programmatically change a domain names IP address to redirect to an other IP address.

StaticIP.io is a Dynamic Domain Name System ( DDNS ). One of the key uses for a DDNS is to use it to remote-acccess devices that are connected to the internet via a dynamic IP address. You use a StaticIP.io domain name to point to your device, say a home computer, a raspberry pi, a IP Camera, or any other IoT device. When the IP addresses on your device, the devices sends a singnal to staticIP.io to update to the new IP address and when you use your staticIP.io addresse it will redirect you to the newly changed IP address. Meaning your StaticIP.io address will always remain “static”